Leaking Food Slow Feeder Dog Toy

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This interactive snack dispensing toy is the newest exciting dog toy on the market. The round shapes makes for wobbly fun as your doggie nudges it around trying to get to the snacks stored inside. When the dog steps on it the toy will make a short sharp sound to attract their attention. Whether playing inside or throwing it around as a frisbee outdoors, the treats will leak out of the space on the bottom of the toy and entice them to keep playing. Perfect for separation anxiety and boredom. Help your furry friend work on focus and problem solving or use as a slow feeding toy to work on multiple challenges we face as pet parents. The ribbed rubber on the bottom alleviates teething discomfort and cleans teeth as well. Perfect for small-medium dogs to push around and large dogs to catch in their mouths. 

  • Fill the toy by rotating the bottom shell and pouring snacks in or inserting them through the hole on the bottom. 
  • Size: 15cm


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